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Where is QoP?

Recently a relative wrote to ask me where I am and what I’m doing. I thought everyone was up to speed but maybe not. Following our road trip through California, I am in San Francisco – have been here since the 14th, leaving on the 27th (alas).

I live here:

It’s a little one-bedroom apartment that belongs to a religious community – Episcopalian nuns since you ask. I highly recommend it: it’s great value for SF, great location in the hip and happening Mission district but also on the edge of Noe Valley, a more sedate but equally pretty area with lots of nail bars, sushi restaurants etc.

Dolores and Cesar Chavez, around the corner:

The apartment is very quiet, but it does have an in-built alarm system: the bedroom is under the chapel where the nuns hold services. Sung services, at 7.30 am. Which is a perfectly reasonable time to be awake – unless maybe you might have been out for a few margaritas the night before …

I love it here. October is for whatever reason the sunniest month in SF, and the Mission district has a sunny micro-climate because it’s sheltered by loads of hills.

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