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Happy Hallowe’en

This time last year I wrote a post about Hallowe’en. Where I am at the moment, in San Francisco, they are big fans of the season. All the shops, and quite a few houses, have decorations up already. In the cafe where I am at the moment, the girl behind the counter has spider-shaped earrings. My San Franciscan friends have big plans on the night: H and her husband are going to a part with 4 other friends dressed as a ‘murder of crows’. She is scouring SF for feathers as we speak. S is going to some kind of cabaret event. I feel sad that I’ll miss all this – I fly home on the 27th – but at least I’m getting a little preview of what it will be like.

This being SF, we have bilingual Hallowe’en:

I love this house which is near me. I saw a mother and daughter (about 12) decorating it – they looked as if they were having a lot of fun:

Some people go more for the minimal look:

Pinatas. I don’t know if these are Hallowe’eny, I just like them:

Even the pet shops are getting in on the act:

You can’t have Hallowe’en without pumpkin pie:

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