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The Girls Take Manhattan is published today!!!

Girls take Manhattan colour3.jpg-2Announcement: THE GIRLS TAKE MANHATTAN, final part of GIRLS ON TOUR, IS OUT TODAY!! Klaxon! You can download it here.

I feel like I say this every time but this really is my favourite novella of the GIRLS ON TOUR series. It  brings all the girls together for a final adventure in – where else? – New York. I really enjoyed writing it and it’s the one where I laughed out loud the most to myself at my keyboard. (That is, during the second draft: the first draft was a total mess because I tried to divide the narrative into 4 different voices, which, shocker, does not work in a novella. Anyway. We’ll draw a veil).

I know there is nothing more annoying than when authors say ‘the characters took over and wrote it’. They definitely didn’t do that. Nor did they do my tax returns or my laundry for me. But, I know all the girls pretty well at this stage and it was both easy and fun to show the four of them together.

I’m really going to miss spending time with these characters, but I can’t wait to hear what people think, especially those who’ve read the whole series. NB: there are a couple of twists in TGTM. I’m not saying that Lily turns out to be a chimpanzee or that Manhattan gets invaded by aliens; but still, you might want to avoid reading too many reviews in case of spoilers. Though most reviewers avoid spoilers anyway so it should be FINE. Don’t worry. Read with confidence. Download it here.

Enjoy it and please let me know what you think!

Oh: and if you’ve only read one or two of the series, you could buy this one OR you could wait and buy ALL 5 TOGETHER in one volume, with brand new extra material, pre-orderable here. Or, you could do both …

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