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Friday I’m in love: Oliver Bonas 1958 Chair

It must be a sign of age when you start lusting over … armchairs. This is my current obsession:

1958 armchair from Oliver Bonas, £585

And yes, £585 is too much but dang, armchairs be expensive! I adore the coral colour too. This is a slightly less spendy one:

Rubens armchair from, £399

The thing is, I do genuinely need an armchair as a work accessory. I start writing every morning in my desk chair, but in the afternoon I migrate to an armchair. And the Freecycled one we have at the moment is not good for my back. And the coral colour would be very inspiring for my writing. I’m sure I can think of more reasons/excuses … Meanwhile can’t you just picture the 1958 armchair being very happy here?

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