Love and Other Man-Made Disasters:

‘The Dirty Dancing of young adult fiction … I couldn’t put it down’ Lisa Talks About

‘If I had a teenage daughter this is exactly the sort of book I would want her to curl up with.  Sweet, warm, funny (VERY funny) and real, it’s a brilliant portrait of the agonies of being a teenager, a stepdaughter and an outsider.  As Juno hurtles headlong into romance on her first skiing holiday and takes her first tentative steps onto the slippery slope of adulthood, you can’t help but love her and wish she was your friend.  Utterly delightful.’ Veronica Henry

Rachel Does Rome :

‘Nicola Doherty can write anything and she always leaves me with a huge smile on my face … Picking my favourite book of this series so far is way too difficult for me, I can’t do it, but Rachel Does Rome has my favourite ending.’ Sophie, Reviewed the Book

‘This is an absolute MUST READ for the fans of the series and of Nicola … I know that I am probably repeating myself, but all the stories in the series are heart–warming and uplifting and all have an incredible feel–good factor.’ Agi, On My Bookshelf

Maggie Does Meribel :

‘My favourite of the Girls on Tour series of books. What Nicola Doherty has managed to do (and do very well) is create a realistic story about the pitfalls of any relationship … I think Nicola Doherty has created such a wonderful series of books and each one has its own merits. With Maggie Does Meribel it is the anti-love story that makes it so special. Another massive well done to Nicola Doherty’ Lisa Talks About

‘As well as the romance, Maggie Does Meribel is about making mistakes and learning from them, trying new things, making friends and discovering happiness in different areas of your life – another fab book by Nicola Doherty’  Sophie, Reviewed the Book

‘A fun read full of great wintry scenes, plenty of humour and a nice touch of romance’ Heather Duff, Random Redheaded Ramblings

‘A fast–paced, adorable short story, marked with Nicola’s wittiness and casting great characters, with all their flaws and merits. I am desperately in need to hear more from Maggie and her new life, there is so much potential!’ Agi, On My Bookshelf

‘I read the whole story in one day and would recommend others to read it too. It will make you laugh, have you riled and frustrated in parts, but will leave you with a warm glow. A very enjoyable read.’ Jill Loves to Read

‘As soon as I read Poppy Does Paris I knew I would love this series and I haven’t been disappointed yet  … Maggie Does Meribel is packed with excitement, a great cast of characters, a great location,  plenty of laughter and a nice touch of romance. The perfect book to pick up on a wintery day with a cup of hot chocolate!’ Isabell, Dreaming with Open Eyes

Lily Does LA:

‘Nicola Doherty is one of my favourite chick lit authors for a reason and Lily Does L.A. only made me love her style of writing even more … The girls in this series are fun and full of life and energy which really lifts your spirits’ Sophie, Reviewed the Book

‘The description of LA completely transports you there … Lily manages to get herself up to all sorts in the short period of time that she’s in LA which will have you laughing out loud, falling in love and feeling all emotional.’  Erin, Erin’s Choice

‘A great story with new beginnings, new friends, new city and finding things that you actually weren’t looking for. And it is amazing that Nicola could make such a short story full of action, full of laughter but also with some softer and poignant moments. Can’t wait for part 3 – roll on Maggie in Meribel!’ Agi, On My Bookshelf

‘With its amusing characters, beautiful city and amazing plot, I couldn’t think of a reason not to read Lily Does LA. If I had to sum up this book in three words, they would be Humour, Dramatic and Amazing.’ Sophie Kate, 23 review street

‘A good, uplifting, feel good book that made me laugh. I would love to know what happens next for Lily, and am looking forward to meeting another of the girls in part three.’ Jill, Jill Loves to Read

‘The ending to this novella was amazing, heart-warming and unexpected. I love that though it was a short story it wasn’t predictable like a lot of others I have read … Anyone who’s wanted to follow their dreams should get this book.’  Kobby, Chick Lit Pad

‘I love Nicola’s writing which is definitely her own style yet has the hallmarks of everything that makes a good chick lit book. It’s funny yet with serious moments too with characters that have their own identity rather than being cardboard cutouts we’ve read about a hundred times before.’  Shaun,  Book Addict Shaun

‘I loved the excitement, the pace of the novella, the humor and Lily’s laugh out loud moments … The characters were fantastic, the plot kept me highly entertained the entire way through.’  Isabell, Dreaming with Open Eyes

Lily does LA is my favourite so far. I love Nicola Doherty’s writing, it is humorous, fun and just pure chick lit. This short story is everything her full length novels have to offer.’  Sam, The Book Corner

‘It’s got everything a great chick lit novella is supposed to have, interesting and oh so not perfect heroine with big dreams, giggly moments as well as some serious ones … Can’t wait to see what Nicola has got in store for us next.’  Ananda, This Chick Reads

Poppy Does Paris:

‘It’s laugh-out-loud funny.  It’s snappy.  It’s sassy.  But most of all it feels relevant and relatable …it didn’t take long for me to be won over by the chatty, conversational writing style and beautifully descriptive writing’ Katey, Books with Bunny

‘Packed with a few twists, drama and romance … a brilliant novella to be pushed to the top of your summer reading list’ Sophie, Reviewed the Book

‘It had everything that I love in a great book – humour, wit, life-like characters, light-hearted romances, a fast pace, twists and a beautiful setting’ Isabell, Dreaming with Open Eyes

‘A perfect quick feel good read … full of fun, romance and laughs’ Jill Loves to Read

‘I absolutely loved this book ’ Book Addict Shaun

‘With its likeable characters, gorgeous sights and amusing moments, I loved everything about Poppy Does Paris, so much so that I didn’t want it to end!’ 23reviewstreet 

‘Right from the very first page she had me chuckling’ Shaz’s Book Blog

‘A great story with touches of humour and romance’ Heather Duff 

If I Could Turn Back Time:

‘A hugely enjoyable story … that will leave you longing for your own personal time machine’ Daily Mail

‘A fun quick read that will have you laughing out loud’ Bella 

‘For me, it was one of those rare amazing-all-round books … I was totally won over by this stunning weekend read’ Becca, Pretty Little Memoirs

‘I kind of seem like I’m trying to fit the word love into this review as much as possible but I just can’t think of another word to express how much I needed to read a brilliant book like this.’ Sophie, Reviewed the Book

‘It’ll definitely melt your heart … the perfect light hearted read with a little added twist, a happy ending and some great laughs thrown in’  Rosie Reads Romance

‘I tore through this book in one sitting … I would highly recommend this to fans of the chick-lit and romance genre, particularly those that are beginning to lose faith in it because Nicola Doherty will restore it’ Laura, What’s Hot

‘Hugely enjoyable … None of the various interesting characters in this novel were one-dimensional, they were all portrayed as normal humans with normal failings, especially the irrepressible, charming, slightly over-ambitious heroine of the novel Zoë Kennedy.’ Kiran, Girl Loves Pink Books

‘Stop the clock and lose yourself in If I Could Turn Back Time: chick-lit at its best. 5 stars’ Kirsty, Love of a Good Book 

‘I loved the story and didn’t want to put it down’ Sam, The Book Corner

‘I loved watching the story unfold … a well-written, comfortable, and amusing read I didn’t want to put down’ Jody, A Spoonful of Happy Endings

‘I was thinking about it for days … an addictive story’ Katie Thompson, Into the Bookcase

‘Definitely one of my favourites of 2014 so far! 5 stars’ Tasha

‘I loved this book and once I got started, I just could not put it down’ Kelly, Compelling Reads

‘Fantastic … Go and get your copy!’ Agi, On My Bookshelf

‘Funny, sharp and an absolute delight’ Kevin, I Heart Chicklit

‘I absolutely loved this book’ Book Addict Shaun

The Out of Office Girl:

‘A modern-day Roman Holiday: smart, funny and totally unputdownable’ Gemma Burgess

‘A gorgeous debut, reminiscent of early Jilly Cooper’ Irish Examiner

‘A great beach read’ Star

‘The classic beach read for die-hard romantics everywhere’ Irish World

‘A fantastic novel. The only problem I had with it (if you can call it that) is that I wish it had been longer … a smart, funny and romantic debut novel’ Jenny Banks, Novelicious

‘A hugely enjoyable read from start to finish’ Chick Lit Chloe

‘The best summer reads are brilliant fun because of their easy-going plot and cheerful tone, and The Out of Office Girl is that and more. It also satisfies as a story of a girl learning to be true to herself and what it means, to her, to be good at her job’ Jennie Blake, Nudge 

‘It’s easy to overstep the mark when writing these types of book and make them too fluffy and meaningless, or to over-exaggerate and make them too life-is-entirely-amazing. It’s therefore hard to find an author who writes them well – but Nicola Doherty, with her debut novel, immediately joins the ranks of Bagshawe and Kinsella … a fantastic debut novel’  Sarah, Keep Calm and Read a Book

‘I really enjoyed this book, it felt like pure escapism and made me feel sunny and happy’ Kate, Me, My Books and I