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Girl flu

I am sick. Sick, sick and more sick. I have a cold. I know, only a cold. But I forgot how bad a cold can make you feel. I bought a box of tissues last night and took it with me instead of the traditional… Read More

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Wolf Hall

Have you been on the edge of your seats waiting to see if I’ve been keeping up the resolutions? I have! Perhaps not surprisingly the most successful one has been the reading better books. Just before Christmas I bought Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel’s Booker… Read More

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Chick lit

I live in Queen’s Park, in north-west London. It is a nice neighbourhood (or ‘area’ is probably a better word). It’s full of affluent young families on their first or second kid, who can’t afford Notting Hill but are damned if they’re moving to Ealing… Read More