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Well, it’s been a while

The past six months have been crazy. On a global level but also on a macro personal level, and blogging is always the first thing to go. Now, things are looking both up and down … (but mainly up). I have a new teen romance coming out this summer. I’ve heard lots of nice things about the ‘old’ books. I still haven’t reached my ambition of seeing someone reading one on the tube (I blame Kindles). But! I have seen my books popping up in unexpected places, including on this lovely floor tile display. Fame at last!


Picture me just out of shot, unable to quite reach the Cotes de Whatever it is. Or on a more optimistic note, this could be you this evening reading, say, Maggie’s ski adventures in Girls on Tour. And you don’t even have to stay on the floor.

More blog posts soon, I promise.

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