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Today on blog tour: review by Sophie


Today on blog tour, it’s the turn of the amazing Sophie of Reviewed the Book. Sophie’s reviews are always really smart and perceptive, and generous without being uncritical. She never just says generic things; she always has really specific reasons why she likes things and if she doesn’t her reasons are always fair and well explained. I was really interested in her take on the two main characters – I hadn’t set out specifically to make Boy different from the usual teen love interests but I’m glad he is (to be fair he is quite an oddball, but he’s also partly based on some boys I’ve known).

You can read Sophie’s review here. And please check in tomorrow when I’ll be doing a Q&A with Agi where I discuss how Love and Man Made Disasters got published, what I’m writing next, and why I have a plan for if I’m ever burned at the stake.

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