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Countdown to Maggie Does Meribel

This is an exciting week. I can’t allow myself to get excited about Christmas until December 1 but now we are ON. We’re lighting a fire in the evenings, I’m planning on buying a Christmas tree this week, we’re due at our first Christmas party on Saturday … and it’s also the release of my new ebook novella Maggie Does Meribel on Thursday!!

hi res Maggie Does Meribel

Maggie Does Meribel  is about a girl who goes on a skiing holiday over New Year’s with her boyfriend Leo, and a group of his friends who she’s never met before. Maggie and Leo have been having problems, and a romatic skiing holiday will be just the thing to bring them closer together. Those group holidays always go smoothly, right? Right?? Well, no.

Like all the Girls on Tour series, Maggie can be read as a stand-alone story. It can also be read as part of the series, since Maggie is the best friend of Lily from Lily Does LA, and she and Lily also appear in the next book, Rachel Does Rome. But Maggie can also be read as a sort of bonus section to my last full-length book. ***Spoiler alert: Do not read any further if you haven’t read If I Could Turn Back Time***

Because it’s a small world, Maggie ends up going on holiday with four people from If I Could Turn Back Time: Rachel and Oliver, who are now a couple, David, who’s there on holiday with his new girlfriend Nina, and of course Jenny, who still goes wherever David goes, new girlfriend or not. I felt a bit sorry for David at the end of If I Could Turn Back Time. He’s not a bad guy, and just because he wasn’t right for Zoe, doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be happy with someone else. But what kind of girl? I had fun finding exactly the right person for David. I also knew that Jenny would continue causing problems between them … And I wanted to conclude the story of David and Jenny in a suitably dramatic way.

So that’s the story behind Maggie Does Meribel. You can buy or pre-order it here. I really hope you like it … And happy start of Winterval!

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