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Happy Bastille Day! Here’s an easy way to celebrate …

Today is a bit of a celebration day chez Doherty. I have a great friend who lives abroad coming over for lunch. As it’s her birthday tomorrow AND Bastille Day today – oh, and the week that Poppy Does Paris launches – I’m going to celebrate by making Kir Royales.


Kir is a drink that I got into when I lived in Paris for a year when I was twenty. (You’re going to be hearing a lot about this year in Paris over the next week or two, so brace yourselves). I used to hear people ordering it and had no clue what it was, but it sounded awfully sophisticated – PLUS, it’s also very easy to say, so extra good if you’re not feeling very Francophone.

It just as easy to make. You make a Kir by pouring an inch of crème de cassis
into a wine glass, then topping up with white wine. And you make a Kir Royale by using champagne instead of wine. C’est tout. If you want to get extra-fancy the wine should be Chablis or similar dry wine, also it’s more of an aperitif that something to drink with food. But, you know, bof.


So what are you waiting for? Get pouring! It’s the perfect, easy way to celebrate Bastille Day (the other being, n’oubliez pas, pre-ordering Poppy Does Paris in time for publication day this Thursday!

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