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The state of the Rom Com

A ‘vintage’ post from a while ago, about the State of the Rom Com.

I came across a really interesting article on Anna Faris, via the lovely Gemma Burgess‘s blog (do check it, and her books out if you haven’t before). And, as Carrie Bradshaw would say, I got to thinking about the state of romantic comedies today – the film versions at least.

I love romantic comedies. Rom coms, chick flicks, call them what you will: love them. But it’s increasingly hard to find a good one. Often when I watch a rom com today I find the agendas and the stereotypes quite chilling. I’ll take two recent examples: The Proposal and What Happened in Vegas. In both of these we have a protagonist who’s an alpha female – you know this because she’s clutching a cappuccino (see above) – who’s basically just way too in charge of her own life for her own good. She then encounters a low-earning beta…

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