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Friday I’m in Love: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

First off I should say that I am a Curtis Sittenfeld nut: I would read her shopping lists. She never writes the same book twice and all her books are brilliant in completely different ways. This one is no exception. It’s about twin sisters in present-day St Louis, Missouri, who are both psychic. One of them has buried her ‘senses’ as they call them and lives a normal suburban life, and one of them makes a living as a psychic and predicts an earthquake … Normally anything psychic would have me running for the hills, but the whole thing is treated in such a believable down-to-earth way; it’s really about the relationship between the sisters and what it’s like to be ‘different’ – and about whether you can escape bad things by predicting them.

Oh, and it’s often funny in places. I just read, or tried to read a much-hyped book – one of those ‘It’ books with a long complicated name – and I got 200 pages in and didn’t smile or laugh once. And life isn’t like that. Go. Read it. Sisterland. It’s available now in paperback from Waterstones online with free delivery! (That sounds as if this post is sponsored by Waterstones. It’s not, I wish it was. Waterstones? Any chance?)

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