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My 14-year-old diary

While home in Dublin recently I came across the diary I kept (for two months) when I was 14. I was the most tame 14-year-old in existence – my life revolved around cleaning my room, homework, baking (and eating) cakes, watching TV and meeting my little friends, generally for the cinema or at each other’s houses. Not that different to now, I suppose, except for the homework.

Here’s a short extract:

Friday 14 February

Valentine’s Day! Sob. No cards, naturally. Science exam and last day of mocks! Couldn’t do Science of course*. Went to E.’s house after, then into town to see Point Break. S couldn’t go, which was a major pity because it was brilliant. Really good. Then when we got the bus home, R, D etc were there**! Eek. But I got off with E, then met J on the next bus. At home I tried to get out of it but we went to see ‘My Fair Lady’. It was good. We got back too late to ring S and arrange about tomorrow. Oh well.

Then follows Sat, in which I was in a ‘terrible mood’ had had a ‘big fight over dinner’ with my family.

Sunday 16 February

Got up early. Read papers, article about Warren Beatty. S. rang to say she could go. Much better mood today. Cleaned room, and caught 1.36 train. Point Break was very good again. Bought muffin (chocolate). The girl in front of us said of Keanu Reeves ‘Is that Charlie Sheen?’ Ha ha. Came home, went to bed, came down, watched Simpsons. B home. Watched ‘The Object of Beauty’ as well. V good. Tommorrow [sic]: Dentist, choir, arrange hair, ring K?

My favourite part is ‘Bought muffin (chocolate)’. I’ll spare you any more. But if you have your teenage diaries around I highly recommend re-reading them, and if you are a teenager, definitely keep a diary!

*I didn’t mean I couldn’t do the exam, just that I was bad at science. ** Girls I didn’t like for reasons I can’t remember.

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