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My winter clothes wish list

So it’s nearly September – how did that happen? – and there’s a leetle bit of a freshness or snap in the air. And despite having moaned about the unending Narnia weather this winter, I’m now looking forward to autumn. I’m not really a summer girl, I don’t tan and I suit cute skirts and boots more than strappy tops and shorts. So I get excited about crunching over brown leaves, hot chocolate, scarves, leather gloves and cosy evenings drinking wine by the fire (well, fireplace. We have a fireplace but we’ve never actually managed to have a fire in it …)

Since I don’t have to buy a new pencil case, I’ve been thinking about the grown-up equivalent: my winter wardrobe. Although my husband might not agree, I think I am an underbuyer and in fact my dream is to have some kind of magic capsule wardrobe of 5 perfect items I wear all the time, like you see in magazines – instead of my actual situation of a wardrobes groaning with ancient Penneys T-shirts and ten-year-old dresses.

My current bag and coat are a few years old and looking very tatty – not surprising because they were pretty cheap; in contrast my last coat came from Reiss, and lasted me six years. My Zara boots, also two years old, are also looking as if they could tell a few stories. Which makes me think that when it comes to coats and shoes – ok, and bags – it’s better to spend as much as you can, and save on other stuff.

With all that in mind, this is my clothing wish list … unlikely I’ll be able to get all of these but the top priority is probably this coat from Ted Baker, which is part cashmere and beautiful.

Madigan coat, £299, Ted Baker

Dune have some amazing boots this season including some incredibly good value Roberto Viannini (sp?) starting at around £50. I prefer leather boots though, and these are the ones I have my eye on:

Tammy boots, £149, Dune

And lastly, I need* a new handbag. The Marc Jacobs Classic Q bags are beautiful but they’re also a bit ubiquitous. I think I prefer the Petal to the Metal ones. Which are last seasons’s or something but that’s cool, because that means they’re on eBay for well under £200:

Petal to the Metal bag, Marc Jacobs, from a selection on eBay.

What about you, are you doing any fantasy clothes shopping?


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