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The tyranny of the ‘perfect’ wedding outfit

About a week ago, I suddenly became stupidly stressed that our wedding was 6 weeks away and although I had my dress, I still hadn’t located a shrug/jacket, shoes, underwear or accessories. So I started looking online for a suitable jacket or wrap. Not perfect – that word is banned from our wedding – just suitable. And (this year’s mantra) affordable.

But, oh. Soon I was seduced by all the pretty, pretty things out there. What about this?

It was pretty expensive for something that wouldn’t even keep me warm in the March wind, but oh so delicate and lovely. Or this?

It’s stunning. I even love that the product name means ‘smoky’.
Yes, it costs nearly the same as my dress, but I could sell it after the wedding – right?

And then I saw this. My heart hurt with how pretty it is:

So, so, so exquisite. So, so much more than I can afford, given the huge tax bill I just paid, my overdraft and the fact that we still haven’t paid for our honeymoon.

I was very tempted – but then I thought, really? All of that, for something I’m going to wear once? It’s not worth it. There is so much hype surrounding weddings, that the temptation is to throw caution to the wind and spend more than you can afford to look ‘perfect’ (that word again). But the sad fact is, no matter how much I spend I’ll never look perfect. And it won’t matter. A. won’t love me any more than he already does because I spent £300 on a fox fur. People won’t have any more fun because I’m in a velvet wrap for an hour. Of course it would be very nice to own one of those things – but they’re not the things that will make our wedding special.

So I took a trip down to the shops on my lunch break and located a cream fake fur jacket from Coast, reduced to £45. I probably could have found something more special, more perfect, etc etc, but I don’t really care. And on the day, I don’t think anyone else will either.

Anyone else out there having trouble resisting the tyranny of the ‘perfect’ wedding outfit?

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