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Beyonce dance class … the verdict

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to a Seen on Screen class on Saturday and Sunday (!) in order to learn the Single Ladies dance routine. It was so much fun – and an amazing good workout. I find when I think about exercise I overlook dance, thinking it’s too much fun to really be effective. And it’s true that the time goes really quickly and you don’t really notice how hard you’re working but I was pretty stiff after both sessions.

I went with a different friend on both days, and we were a bit nervous, going in, that everyone else would be a real pro, prancing around in leotards. The ability did range a bit but most people were just there to lumber around and have a good time. Plus, everyone was too busy staring at the instructors and trying to figure out what to do, to notice anyone else in the class. Our teachers were brilliant, broke down the moves into remedial sized bites, and kept reminding us to relax and not beat ourselves up if we didn’t get it. They were right because at the end of the day, when you’re doing dips and running around like a swan, there’s no point taking it too seriously. ‘Dancing is acting’ Eliot our instructor kept telling us, which made me hope that what I lacked in co-ordination I made up for by getting into the spirit of it.

So did it work? Well, at the end of two sessions, I would say I was about 60% there in terms of remembering all the moves. That sounds impressive until I tell you that we only learned the first half of the routine. Which means it took me 3 hours to almost-learn about a minute’s worth of dance. But hey, who’s counting.

In summary, it was loads of fun and at £18 for an hour and a half it’s good value. They are doing loads more Beyonce classes including Crazy in Love and Run the World. So if you want to unleash your inner Sasha Fierce and have fun on a grey day … I’d highly recommend it!

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