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Hello again, world!

There is nothing worse than those author blogs where there’s one post every sixth months and every post begins, ‘I’m sorry I haven’t posted recently’ … but, yep, if the cap fits and all that. If you’re still reading, thank you and welcome back.

So what’s happened since I last blogged?

Well, I delivered my final (bar a few last-minute tidy-ups) draft of Book 2 (halleluiah!) … Book 2 is still called Untitled Book 2, but by the time in comes out (scheduled for next October) it will have a title.

I did a podcast interview with the lovely Phillipa Moore of Book Ends – this is a fantastic series of author interviews and I feel honoured to be included wth writers like Nikki Gemmell, Lisa Jewell and Stella Newman.

And in other news, A. and I are engaged! We’re set a date (middle of March next year) and we’ve found a venue (Islington Town Hall, followed by the Union Club in Soho).

A. asked me in doubtful tones, ‘Are you going to become a wedding blogger?’ and while the answer is ‘no’, I have to warn you there will be wedding-related posts. Though probably not of the ‘crafting millions of hand-printed labels for the home-made jam we’re giving as wedding favours.’ We’re not making anything by hand, and we’re not having ‘favours’. In fact there are a lot of things we’re not having. My brother’s wedding was described as the ‘no cake, no cousins’ wedding, and ours is going to be the ‘no band, no bridesmaids’ wedding. But it will be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for more in 2013. And Happy Christmas!

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