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Proud Mary: A cure for the blahs

I woke up this morning quite late – around 10 – feeling a bit overwhelmed at everything I needed to do today – which ranged from housework and house improvements to working on the book and book admin to social/family commitments … The kitchen was a total mess as I’d been writing all day yesterday and the sink was piled full of dishes. So I put on Spotify to fire me up while I cleaned, and found myself listening to Tina Turner sing Proud Mary. Which led me to the above video of Tina and Beyonce performing this song at the Grammys in 2008, for which I have only one word – awesome.

If you’re feeling low or not sure if you can accomplish what you need to do today – watch these ladies and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. I love the intro where Beyonce describes her musical influences and I love their matching silver outfits and I love that Tina is still giving it socks aged whatever-it-is. (The only annoying thing is the way the camera zooms OUT whenever the dancing gets interesting and then zooms back in when they’re just standing and singing. I guess we should’ve been there …)

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