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Meltdown/hot in the ciy

It’s suddenly summer!

This time last week, I was wearing scarves and wellies and asking if we could put the heating on at work. Today it’s properly hot – in fact (don’t kill me) almost TOO hot. I never cease to be amazed at how unpredictable the weather is in London. Yesterday everyone else seemed to have got the memo: suddenly everyone was in tiny summer dresses with sunglasses. Meanwhile I was in winter trousers and a blouse that I now regret buying. I was meeting friends in Hyde Park and rather than get the tube there, I made my maiden voyage on a Boris Bike. I’ve never tried one of these but I highly recommend it – I just paid £1 for a day’s access and £1 for an hour’s use, so it was cheaper than the tube. And cycling along through Green Park and Hyde Park was a lot nicer than being packed onto the Central Line.

On days like these I really appreciate how lucky I am to work from home. I can have a shower in the middle of the day or go for a swim if I need to cool off, or sit out on the balcony, and wear whatever I like. However, there are sometimes drawbacks. Our balcony door is very very temperamental – I’ve just had a fifteen-minute battle with it and been unable to shift it – and also someone on the estate is playing unbelievably loud techno music which is giving me quite the headache, so I might have to go and write in a cafe. It’s amazing how you long for summer to come and then when it does come, it presents a whole host of niggles all of its own.

Anyone else tried a Boris Bike? Or have any other summer strategies to share?

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