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Belle époque

It’s been a busy week – in the past 7 days I have attended:

-a Belle Epoque party

-an all-day bread-making course where we made these – YUM:

-the theatre, to see Misterman with Cillian Murphy, a one-man show about a guy going bonkers in rural Ireland – not a barrel of laughs or very original, though CM was great in it. The best part to be honest was when he takes his shirt off
-my first ever RNA (Romantic Novelists Association) party!

Below is a pic of A and me on our way to Belle Epoque. I am very, very lazy when it comes to fancy dress so I just took an existing dress and added a long skirt, black ribbon from John Lewis and black gloves (not shown).

You can’t really see but I was sort of channelling John Singer Sargent’s portrait of Madame X. I was in a minority as the most popular trend at the BE thing seemed to be channelling Anne Summers in bustiers and tiny frilly skirts. A friend kindly lent me her corset but it just wasn’t me.

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