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All quiet

No posts from me lately as I’ve been frantically finishing Book 2. It’s not a sequel – Alice (heroine of my first book) has suffered enough, though she does have a cameo in the second book. The book I’m currently writing is about a girl who goes back in time to fix a relationship she messed up. In case you’re wondering how she goes back in time, the answer is I don’t know – there’s no De Lorean or Time Machine, she just wakes up one morning and it’s six months earlier. Maybe it happens because she’s someone with lots of determination, who’s good at making things happen. She’s also an Irish girl in London so I’m enjoying writing about that.

But it’s hard. One distinct advantage of being an unpublished writer (the only one? discuss) is the fact that you have the luxury of time – nobody is going to chase you for your manuscript and you have all the time in the world to get it right. I’m not complaining as (obviously) there are lots of advantages to being published, as well. But for me, my deadline is end of April and I slightly have the panics – will I be able to make this draft presentable? Will my editor hate it? Etc. But these are nice panics to have.

Happy Easter!

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