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Thank Crunchie

It’s been a pretty good writing week. Yesterday, to raise the stakes in a scene, I decided to get a character in trouble with the police, which was fun. And today, I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea that would introduce more conflict between my hero and heroine (they were getting too cosy, too soon) and involve some minor characters who were too much on the sidelines – and plus, would add more drama to a later scene. It’s great when you think of something that solves several problems at once.

I now think it’s *quite* a good idea that is going to be tricky to implement. However, we’ll get there.
To reward myself, I’ve just spent about 45 minutes watching make-up videos by Lisa Eldridge, who I wish was my flatmate/sister. And I’m off into town to buy Rimmel Mousse Eyeshadow in Sassy, plus (if I can find it) the Maybelline gel liner and blush.

Sometimes, a writer’s life really isn’t a bad one … Happy Friday!

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