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Out of Office Girl auf deutsch

I think one of the most exciting things for any author must be seeing the foreign editions of your book. Above is a book, which I wrote, and it’s now in a version that I can’t even read but other people will. How exciting is that?

The Out of Office Girl will be published by the wonderful Blanvalet in May this year. I like the groovy welly concept on the cover. I also like the look of their blurb, which is quite succinct. Unfortunately, I can’t speak German so tried feeding it into Google translate, which in its usual creative way, came out with the following:

From the depths that lurk behind the office door of a lecturer
The 26-year-old Alice feels like in a free fall. Not only that stagnated for four years her publishing career, on top of that she was also sacked by text message from her boyfriend. Since her suddenly offers a unique opportunity: to the sexy actor Luther Carson assist in his biography. So Alice is flying to Sicily and embarks on a journey of her life. They discovered the great love where she never thought she would …

I am going to ask a German speaker to do a real translation of the original, but meanwhile here it is:

Von den Abgründen, die hinter der Bürotür einer Lektorin lauern
Die 26-jährige Alice fühlt sich wie im freien Fall. Nicht nur, dass seit vier Jahren ihre Verlagskarriere stagniert, obendrein ist sie auch noch per SMS von ihrem Freund abserviert worden. Da bietet sich ihr plötzlich eine einmalige Chance: Sie soll dem sexy Schauspieler Luther Carson bei seiner Biografie helfen. Also fliegt Alice nach Sizilien und begibt sich auf die Reise ihres Lebens. Sie entdeckt die große Liebe, wo sie sie nie vermutet hätte …

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