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Lana del Rey and Dr Evil’s fiendish conspiracy

Lana del Rey is one of the most-hyped new singers of this year. You have probably heard her dreamy song Video Games (if not, be warned, it’s addictive) or seen posters of her, looking ridiculously pouty and gorgeous. However, the backlash is already starting – she was slated for her appearance on Saturday Night Live (though Daniel Radcliff very sweetly stood up for her). Worse, it has been revealed that Lana del Rey is – shock horror – not her real name. According to the Guardian fans felt ‘cheated’ when they discovered that Lana del Rey was in fact the daughter of a millionaire, who’d previously performed under the name Lizzie Grant.

‘A few critics began to wonder if, far from being some organic wunderkind, the transformation from Grant to Del Rey had been planned all along.’

Which makes me think of Dr Evil rubbing his hands together rather than some weary marketing types brainstorming over lattes. Even worse, ‘Her stage name was chosen by her management’. Shock horror! An artist’s management choosing their name! And worse: planning their career! I hate to point it out but … most people’s careers are planned. Every singer is bankrolled by someone, a record company if not their dad. Also: Lady GaGa is not using her real name. Nor is Prince or Jay-Z or Madonna or Meat Loaf or Sting or Slash (at least I hope not). George Michael, Tori Amos, Macy Gray: all used to be called something else. And it gets worse: Dusty Springfield’s real name was Mary O’Brien! The Beatles weren’t really beetles!

Of course if you are a major conspiracist you might reckon that this ‘controversy’ is also part of a publicity drive and that Lana and Dr Evil are planning it all, possibly from their secret hideout with Elvis and JFK. I have no idea: I suggest we just enjoy the music. Who’s with me?


  1. Ah, but Prince and Madonna are actually called… Prince (Rogers Nelson) and Madonna (Louise Ciccone) – I'm SHOCKED you didn't know at least about Madonna, tsk… 😉

    I'm with you on LDR though – honestly, people are just daft. They'll be upset that she's not a natural blonde next (or maybe she is…)

    On the subject of real names, here's one of my very favourite Friends quotes:
    Chandler: (Coming off the phone) Okay! We have our stripper, a Miss Crystal Chandelier!
    Joey: Well sure, if you name a kid that, what do you expect them to grow up to be?

  2. Ha ha! I too am shocked. I think I sort of knew about Prince but had totally forgotten about Madonna.
    I too love that Friends quote. Though in Joey's defense maybe her first name WAS Crystal.

  3. Hello new blog address. Looks very good. I read that Guardian piece too and was a bit puzzled by it. So what. She may be manufactured but who isn't today. A very random article. Almost manufactured outrage. Aoife

  4. Don't worry, I like having comments from Unknown. More and more I am of the opinion that the outrage is part of the PR. Glad you like the new blog!

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