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Bound proofs!!!!

Yesterday I received something very very thrilling .. bound proofs of my book ( a sort of dummy version of the real book that is circulated before publication). It’s very amazing to see it finally looking like a book. I’ve tended to forget how hard it was, at times, to write this book, because I’m so busy finding Book 2 hard, that I sometimes look back and think it was easy. It wasn’t. It was really hard. So it’s good to have a concrete reminder that I DID IT! I never thought, while writing The Out of Office Girl, that I’d get to this stage – but here it is.

The usual author allowance is about five or ten I think: I went mad and ordered 50. If you would like one, please say so in the comments and I will get one to you!


  1. Very happy Charlotte! By the way it's going to be published in Germany also! Let's see – could you DM me your address on Twitter? (Isn't technology wonderful?)

  2. i would love to have a copy please and I would be able to write a review for my blog too if that is ok?

  3. Annette


    I would love to have a copy, please. Would you be willing to send a copy to South Africa?

  4. Lesley and Annette: no problem. Can you mail your postal addresses to:
    theoutofofficegirl at gmail dot com?

    I tried to write that comment yesterday and it wouldn't post, weirdly!

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