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You know how you start doing one thing … but first you have to do something else… which means you end up doing something else again and you don’t finish any one thing and it all becomes a mess, like when you click open too many times on a window on the computer and your screen starts filling up with a million cascading windows, leaving you frantically clicking control alt delete/apple kill and swearing a lot?

Today’s been a bit like that. Filing my tax return meant finding my P60 which meant organising my box of paperwork which has been crying out to be done since I moved (last July) which has also meant rummaging through a box of random stuff that can’t be thrown out or given away or put anywhere sensible that I can think of. I mean what would you do with all this stuff?

It includes: my certificate from the Camino de Santiago, a shower radio that needs its battery changed and I can’t do it, a wire to a computer that I want to give away, old CDs, a ‘hard drive’ for a computer that I never learned how to use.. etc.

I think part of the reason for all this frenetic activity is that I’m avoiding my book. More specifically I’m avoiding the fact that I want to make my hero … a bit geekier. And I don’t know if the world is ready for a geeky romantic hero. I think he *could* be a fantastic foil for my anti-hero Mr Wrong, who perfect on paper but just not a nice person. Of course I could chicken out and make him a ‘geek’ in the way that Mark Ronson is – sort of geek chic (like just putting a hot guy in some horn-rimmed glasses). But I’m thinking more Big Bang Theory.

Anyway, I might not sort all that out today. But I will (I hope) at least do some serious de-junking.


  1. You can make him geeky, you can! Cool girls do fall for geeky guys (I did, ahem) because in the end they are so much more interesting. And usually funny too.

    PS Good luck with the dejunking.

  2. I'm a big fan of the geek hero, having written one or two myself. And there was a popular series in the US by romance author Vicki Lewis Thompson…The Geek Who Loved Me etc.

    Go for the geekiness! Sheldon is sexy, anyway. I don't care what anyone else says.

  3. Sheldon! Noo! But thanks for the thoughts. I will go for the geekiness – though tempered with a good dash of confidence and emotional smarts …

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