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Christmas crackered

I am, like, sooo tired.

This seems to always happen to me at this time of year. I arrange a whole load of things, accept all the invitations that come my way, plan to see absolutely everyone, and then I’m surprised when I’m exhausted and burned out. And yes, I know this is a nice problem to have … but it doesn’t feel like that when you feel worn-out and irritable, look grey-faced and piggy-eyed, have spots that won’t go away, and the sink is full of dishes (argh).

It’s not as if my life is rock’n; roll (unlike A who spent the weekend at ATP festival). Instead, Friday kicked off with tea at Liberty’s with a friend visiting from Spain; then 7pm dinner party in Kingston, and home at 1 am after epic journey back. Then I had another friend arrive to stay on Sat, who stayed til Monday. Saturday and Sunday night, insomnia (about 4 hours sleep per night). Last night, out for dinner. Tonight is yoga. Tomorrow breakfast with my agent, extra afternoon in work, then theatre, Friday work Christmas lunch followed by dinner, Saturday ashtanga workshop in the morning (why?! But it will be good) and Saturday night party.

I know, I know, what am I complaining about? It’s not as if I run a merchant bank and have 7 kids. But if I did run a merchant bank and had 7 kids, I think I would a) have help in the house and b) make fewer social arrangements.

So what I’ve learned is: I need to make fewer commitments and also be smarter about spotting when I have too many in a row. Meanwhile, I’m having a shellac manicure this evening to give myself a boost (so, you know, life’s not too bad). And this time next week I will be on a boat to Ireland where I’ve already notified my loving family that I’m not going to do anything but read, sleep and watch TV by the fire.

How does everyone else cope with seasonal burnout? Go on, scare me with your tales of business so I can see what a lightweight I am …

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