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My new best friend

Recently I posted about my excitement over buying an expensive laundry basket (yes, you really do get the scoops on this blog).

Well, this is the summer of investment purchases because I have just bought …. This.

It is my new best friend. In general, I don’t tend to spend massive amounts of money on my clothes. I’m currently wearing a jumper from Jigsaw that was in the sale, sandals from Zara, and grey skinny Dorothy Perkins jeans, bought on eBay. The fact I bought Dorothy Perkins jeans on eBay tells you all you need to know really.

However. I do spend a little more on winter shoes, bags, coats and – now – my watch. My new theory is that if you wear a really good watch with a cheap outfit, your entire outfit looks … classier. Also, I’d rather spend that money on a watch, which I’ll wear every day, than on a formal dress for weddings, etc, that I’ll wear three or four times, max. It’s our old friend the cost-per-wear formula. If I wear my watch for 200 days, it’s costing me a pound a day. And if I wear it long enough, eventually it starts earning me money! (Well, maybe not).

I bought it yesterday (Thursday evening). It was Vogue’s Fashion Night Out yesterday and lots of shops in London’s ailing high streets were trying to entice customers in with events, freebies etc. There were a depressed-looking girl acapella group in House of Fraser. The shops are obviously having a hard time of it at the moment: everywhere was almost empty. I feel their big error was not giving away free drinks. If I’d had a glass or two of champagne I might have bought a watch AND a wallet …

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