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I HAZ BOOK DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what I posted on my facebook page last week. And it is true. I am officially going to be a published author!!!
I have delayed telling you, my blog readers, partly because I thought you might have stopped reading ages ago since I stopped posting, and partly because I wanted to tell ‘real life’ people first. But it is true, and very exciting. I don’t have a title to share with you yet, but I can reveal that The Book will be published in March 2012 – and that Book 2 (not a sequel, just more in a similar vein) will be published in March 2013. Further details will come.

Meanwhile, I’m –obviously – super happy. I have not drunk so much champagne or so many cocktails in quite some time, especially in a February. Almost the nicest part is telling people: everyone has been really great and supportive. As I’ve already had such support in writing the thing in the first place, this seems unfair! I can’t post this good news without acknowledging my great friend Frieda (there seems no point in calling her F when her name is visible for all to see on her blog.) She was the first person, back in July 09, to read my first awful chapters, and to assure me they were readable and that I should keep going. In my low points (which were many) when I almost gave up, and had to bribe myself with promises of biscuits to write another 1,000 words, Frieda encouraged me to keep going. At one point, at my pathetic request, she emailed me a list of 5 specific things she liked about my book. AND if that wasn’t enough she gave me great feedback and advice throughout – eg to make the bitchy character bitchier (said character is now everybody’s favourite). Today is International Women’s Day so it seems a good day to celebrate sisterhood and inspiring our friends. Thanks F, hope you have a champagne on me!


  1. Goodness! Thanks for the thanks, I didn't expect that. But to QoP's other readers: it was a lot of fun having early access to QoP's manuscript, and never a chore. Even in embryonic stages the book (novel?) was utterly compelling, the sort you read in one or two sittings. Highly recommended!

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