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Have you eaten your frog?

There’s a saying (how old/authentic I can’t say) that goes:

‘If the first thing you do when you wake up is eat a live frog, then the rest of the day can only improve.’*

Similarly, according to <a href="
Things/dp/0340835044″>author Brian Tracy if you tackle the most important, scary or difficult task on your to-do list first, before you check your emails or surf the web or open post – the rest of the day can only get better. Plus, you’ve got your main task – the one you might otherwise be tempted to procrastinate – out of the way.

We published this book at my old workplace, and some of us actually began to use the phrase in normal conversations: ‘I’ve got such a frog to eat’ or ‘Can’t come to lunch, I haven’t eaten my frog’. Today I ate 2 frogs: made a scary phone call and called to chase an invoice. I have another frog that I’ve left half-eaten, but I think I should be able to eat it in another week or so.

What about you? Have you eaten today’s frog?

* No frogs were harmed in the writing of this post.


  1. Ronan

    but the trauma of the frog can ripple into the rest of the day and ruin it (written while surfing the web before doing a task I have been long-fingering)

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