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Ten million fireflies

Sunday. Night. Insomnia. AGAIN.

I don’t know how my poor colleagues are putting up with me. I am like a sleep-deprived bear with a sore head. How do people with children function in society? This is hell. Oh well. Only 4 more hours to go til I can go home and get horizontal.

Any other insomniacs out there? What are your solutions?!

On a brighter note … insomnia was the inspiration for one of my favourite recent songs: Fireflies. I love the lyrics to this one, especially the line ‘a sock hop beneath my bed’ – I’m not sure what it means but it sounds like one of those bizarre images you get when you’re falling asleep (or trying to) Enjoy!


  1. eimear

    At one stage I gave up caffeine entirely and was surprised how much better my sleep was. Less waking during the night.

    I didn't keep this up as I found it tedious to avoid caffeine everywhere but in the evenings I still usually drink decaff tea.

    For those nights when I can't get to sleep I have some melatonin which a friend picked up for me in the U.S. and it seems to help.

  2. Thanks Eimear. I am very wary of drugs (except obviously caffeine which I don't think I could do without – but I operate a strict caffeine curfew, ie none after 11 am).

  3. Oh dear, I can't offer much advice but I can sympathise! Although Issy generally sleeps till about 6am, she's been very erratic lately, which has completely thrown my own sleep patterns. So this morning, though she DID sleep till 6.05, I was wide awake from 4.30…

  4. eimear

    I forgot my other tip – if I'm having trouble getting to sleep then reading in bed doesn't help. I often have an audio book out from the library (for avoiding sports on the car radio) so I listen to that in bed instead on headphones, with lights turned off.

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