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Mickey money and other mysteries

Today, I am mostly proof-reading a very boring book about military history, and laughing about this blog . I like it, not so much for the beauty stuff (though that’s good too) but because it’s like being in a room full of Irish women chatting about random things. For a deracinated member of the diaspora like myself, it keeps me in touch. A point in fact: I know what a mickey is (obviously) but I had no idea child allowance was called ‘mickey money’. Anyway, maybe you had to be there – here’s a brief discussion of the etymology of the term, with variants: read and enjoy. I wonder if ‘Mickey money’ could also be a term for the fee you get paid for working on a Disney film? Endless possibilities.


  1. I completely agree, the appeal of lies in the writers' use of language much more so than in the beauty coverage (though they are the people I turn to the odd time I do want such advice).

  2. Hi Basil, Yes, it's a fun one – and the advice is good. I like it because it's so down to earth and they kind of satirise the beauty speak and celebrity beauty/fashion culture as well. Thanks for the comment!

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