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Turn left at Chicken Cottage

I am looking for a new flatmate. It is sad. C is departing for exotic climes (climbs?) and now I need a new friend to live with. I’ve been doing interviews. The pattern so far seems to be that people come, look around, stay an hour, tell me their life story, then say they’ll think about it. Hm.

As part of my ‘ideal flatmate’ pitch, I have been giving people detailed directions from the tube, part of which is ‘Turn left at Chicken Cottage’. CC being one of those KFC wannabe chicken franchises that infest London (my favourite is actually called Kilburn Fried Chicken). I gave this very direction on the phone at work today. When I got off, my colleage (also C) was laughing. I gathered, through her tears of mirth, that she felt Chicken Cottage was not the best landmark to mention. Well, what can you do? It’s there. It’s highly visible. I just hope my future flatmate doesn’t end up spending too much time in there.


  1. My brother saw a flat yesterday. My colleague tells me that it's his today. Amazing coincidence. Have spoken to brother earlier this evening to ask whether he knows that colleague has a pet snake. Apparently not. I think that deal may be off.

  2. A pet snake?! OK, that's the deal breaker to end all deal breakers. I hope the snake can afford the rent because there can't be many people who would put up with that. Lucky that you were able to enlighten your brother!

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