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Flossing and other acts of continuing resolve

Email from R: ‘ … Will explain over flossing some time (resolution is to drink less in the week so I thought we could substitute flossing for drinking as a social engagement)’

I can imagine ‘flossing’ becoming a code word for all sorts of illicit activity. The flossing habit, which was previously a sporadic stop-start affair, is now firmly ingrained as a nightly ritual. If I don’t do it, it feels wrong. It might seem incredible to any North Americans reading, but flossing is not big on this side of the Atlantic. I am trying to spread the trend though (aided by terrifying facts like these). Coincidentally, I am reading White Teeth at the moment for the first time. It is very good, though I preferred On Beauty which is a wonderful novel. I wonder if I subconsciously chose to read it this week because of the title, as an added flossing aid?

In terms of other resolutions, it’s all go: I had my first cookery class yesterday (will write a separate post on that) and am busy spamming my friends about theatre trips. This has not begun brilliantly as I’ve managed to book four tickets to La Boheme in the Kilburn Cock Tavern (yes, really) on 2 April, which turns out to be Good Friday when everyone, including me, is away. My diary shows all public holidays as a row of suns and country acronyms, so I just thought it was Martin Luther King day or something. Oh well. I think doing cultural things is probably a lot like buying vegetables and salad; from time to time, despite your best organisational efforts, something will turn to mush in the salad crisper, but it remains a good idea.


  1. See that your post about dinner has disappeared. Was there some reason that my yorkshire pudding no longer deserves praise? You can have no internet secrets from me. Be very afraid.

    Was mulling about your new blog. Would you be better off putting a new category on this one rather than diluting your (developing) brand.

    By the by – you should check out Fevered Muttering's post about comments, it made me think of you:

  2. Thanks for the comment! I think a new blog would be better. In fact had written about 5 more books before deciding to transfer them. I don't know how to put a new category on this one – not one that would be separate enough anyway … will alert you when it's up.

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