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Why life isn’t a plate of muffins


It’s strange how money can just be eaten up by stuff you never think about, didn’t want or even know about in the first place. I have just paid a biggish tax bill and a horrible mobile phone bill (half my fault, half the company’s, much time spent arguing with them has earned me a 50% reduction). Also coming up is a bill to unblock the toilet – literally, money down the drain.

I was heading out the door this morning, musing on all this unpoetic and unjust stuff, and preparing to go to the library to return an overdue book (only 25p, hurray) when I saw that the saddle of my bike had been stolen. I have had this bike, plus saddle, over a year. It is not quick release. Whoever did it must have spent considerable time and effort unscrewing it.

Three days ago, I gave away a spare saddle I had knocking around, to free up space.

Sigh again. So, in order to cheer myself up, I made some blueberry muffins. And remembered that – without wishing to sound too preachy – I am lucky really, in that despite bills, I have enough to eat, clean water, a nice place to live, free medical care when I get sick, that kind of stuff. Which probably makes me one of the richest people in the world.

I really wish they hadn’t taken my saddle, though. As a bike owner you constantly court the possibility of trauma, of coming out and finding that your precious friend and faithful companion has been stolen or mutilated. And when it happens it’s a really horrible feeling, because your bike almost feels like an extension of you. At least the little b*W$62z)s didn’t steal it. That’s a silver lining, of sorts.


  1. Three wishes: I wish they hadn't stolen your saddle, I wish I could make blueberry muffins, I wish I lived in a place where you can go to Bilbao (etc.) for a weekend

  2. Thank you B.

    Can't do much about Bilbao, but you can make blueberry muffins!

    200g self-raising flour (brown or white)
    75g sugar – or 100g if you want them sweeter
    Tablespoon lemon juice
    2 eggs
    250 ml sour cream or plain yoghurt
    150g blueberries
    Brown sugar to sprinkle.

    Mix ingredients, put into cupcake cases, sprinkle with brown sugar and bake at 190 celsius for 20-25 minutes.

  3. DG: No, don't worry, it was the hand of fate. If you like, you can sponsor me in my half marathon on 11 October – details will follow!
    Barry: on reflection do use 100g sugar, and I'd also add a pinch of salt if using brown flour. Otherwise they taste a bit too healthy.

  4. Dear Queen of Words & Recipes,
    A pleasure to read you. Difficult for me (what a shame my level in english!!!) but really good.
    I determine that you're not only Queen of words but also of recipes ! Good feeling with pens so good as spoons.
    The next week i will try your appetizing recipe and I will give you my opinion !

    nb : And i'm so sad for your saddle. Not really good and easy bike without it ! : )

    Read you soon,and sorry for my english rough !
    Ave, Amen & At'choum Miss N. !

  5. Merci, L'Espa, c'est gentil!
    Your English is extremely impressive, with lots of vocabulary (appetizing/spoons).
    Feel free to comment in French or even Spanish when the mood strikes you. I'd like my blog to be a sort of 'auberge espagnol' … !

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